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00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Let’s Start With The Truth….

  • You’ve Been Lied To By Being Told It’s Easy When It’s Not. Success as a Coach It is an Uphill Battle. As Underdogs, You Need To Be Smart, Not Strong.
  • The Most Important Question You Must Answer In Your Prospects Mind is Why YOU Over Anyone Else. No One is Teaching You HOW To Do This as an Outsider Underdog
  • The Best Teacher Wins. Knowing WHAT To Teach in Your Tiny Challenge(TM) is Important. Knowing HOW To Teach it is Where The Money & Impact is.
  • People Love Spending But Hate Being Sold To. WHAT You Offer is Important, But HOW You Offer it is The Secret. Your Prospects Must Feel Pulled To Buy, Not Pushed To Buy
  • Loneliness is The Unspoken Killer To The Underdogs Success. Even Having a Coach Will Not Save You. Your Secret Weapon Will Be The Community You Decide To Belong To

But It Doesn't Have To Be This Way...

Finally For The Very FIRST Time, There is a Program Designed Specifically For The Little Person, The Unknown Outsider, The Underdog. Yes, YOU! 

  • Step By Step 10-Module Tiny Challenge™ Course - Design and Deliver a High Converting Tiny Challenge. ($7,449 Value)
  • Passion to Profits Organic Traffic Course To Help You FILL Your Challenges With Organic Traffic ($2,997 Value)
  • Weekly Group Coaching For 12 Weeks To Give You Feedback and QnA ($1,997 Value)
  • Lifetime Access To The Underdog Academy Facebook Support Group ($997 Value)
  • ​Bonus Virtual Ticket To Our 3-Day Business Bootcamp Designed To Help You Scale To 100K+ ($1,997 Value)

SPECIAL BONUS ($2,997 Value)

One Ticket To My Virtual 3-Day Scale My Business Bootcamp

Replays Included – Will be in 2024 Date TBC and You'll Have 24 Months to Use This Ticket



$4997 $997

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

PLEASE HEAR ME OUT: I Will Not Be Offering This Again and After This Sunday, The Price Will Go Back To $4,997

“Richmond Is A True Innovator When It Comes To Running Challenges And He Is The Creator Of The Tiny Challenge Model Which Has Revolutionised The Online Coaching Space."

Here Is Everything We'll Go Over In The

10 Module Tiny Challenge™ Course:

  • Develop Your Unique Origin Story & Learn HOW To Market it ($495 VALUE)
  • Get Super Clear on Your Ideal WHO & Your Marketing Message ($495 VALUE)
  • Develop Your Unique Tiny Challenge Branding Position WHY YOU Over Anyone Else ($695 VALUE)
  • Map Out and Choreograph Your ENTIRE Tiny Challenge™ So it Converts Like Clockwork. Learn HOW to design a challenge that Primes Your Prospects from Day 1 on Buying Your Offer.  ($997 VALUE)
  • Decide on Your Tiny Challenge™ Hot Topic and HOW To Fill it with Qualified Prospects ($595 VALUE)
  • Map Out Your Entire Tiny Challenge™ Content Schedule & Learn HOW To Deliver it so your Prospects Love it ($795 VALUE)
  • ​Design Your Daily Tiny Challenge™ Homework Assignments ($495 VALUE)
    • Create Your Core Offer That You Will Be Presenting at The End of Your Tiny Challenge™. Plus Learn HOW to Elegantly Present it so It Doesn't Feel Pushy or Salesy ($795  VALUE)
    • 14-Page Step By Step Tiny Challenge Workbook ($295 Value)
    • Facebook Group Support ($397 Value)
    • ​Lifetime Access To Replays ($297 Value)

    The UNDERDOG Academy™ Also Includes:

    Entire Passion To Profits Organic Traffic Course

    Specifically Designed To FILL UP CHALLENGES & Build Your Following From Scratch. Recommended by Russell Brunson

    $2997 Value


    What This Means is You Can Stop Feeling Like an Imposter and Be Confident That Your Clients Will Love Your Coaching. PLUS!! You Can Charge More!

    $797 Value


    The workshop will help you get your first or next 10 clients. This will give your coaching business a massive kick start, however will unlikely change your lifestyle. This is why I'm bonusing in my 3-Day Scale My Business Bootcamp to help you get 100 clients. 

    $2997 Value



    $4997 $997


    00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

    PLEASE HEAR ME OUT: I Will Not Be Running This Workshop Again and After This Sunday, The Price Will Go Back To $4,997

    Your People
    Need You

    I'm Rooting For You, UNDERDOG

    In coaching, this is the early stage coach who has little chance of making it because they are entering an arena where their competitors have more experience, more testimonials, a bigger brand, a bigger following, more connections and quite often, their program is cheaper and better.

    When you really think about it, the early stage coach has next to zero chance of winning.

    And the bigger players know this and use it to their advantage.

    The problem with our industry right now is that there is currently NO-ONE out there that is representing the underdog early stage coach.

    It seems like every coach is just competing for their own corner of the market place whilst the bigger players are trying to push the little guys out of the market.

    Being a massive underdog myself, I've been reflecting back on my journey and really wished there was someone out there to represent the early stage coach - the underdog.

    It wouldn't have made the struggle go away, but it would have made a massive difference to at least feel heard.

    If we take my story back even further, I was a minority in school and bullied nearly every day for being Asian. Being told to go back to my own country.

    It was tough... and I wish there was someone representing me then.

    This is why I've decided to take ownership and be that leader that I wanted when I started. 

    In a midst of uncertainty, there's one thing I'm sure of.... and that's I know how YOU feel. I see you.

    Together we fight.

    Together we unite.

    Together we lead and serve for what's right.

    Keep Believing & Never Settle


    Keep Believing & Never Settle


    • 26 yo Voice Coach For Amateur Musicians
    • Small Fish Outsider, No Name, No Brand
    • Ran Tiny Challenges For Amateur Singers
    • ​He Went From $4K to $119K in 14 Months


    • Unfulfilled School Teacher Earning 60K/yr
    • NLP Coach For Health & Wellness – No Name, Massive Industry Outsider 
    • Went From Zero To $610K in 32 Months as a Mum of 2 Kids Under 10


    • Leadership Coach Stuck on 3K/Month
    • Massive Underdog Experiencing Racism In The Workforce & On Social Media For Being a Latino
    • Despite Having the Odds Stacked Against Her, She Made Over $500K in 20 Months


    • Branding Coach From Spain, English is also his second language
    • Invested his LAST $2,000 on Me and Went All In With Nothing To Lose, Because He Had Nothing To Lose
    • Went From 2K To $460K in 17 Months


    • Mindset Coach For Musicians
    • Joined in Jan 2022 With ZERO Social Media Following and Zero Clients
    • Went From ZERO To $190K in 18 Months, Where He Got His First 10 Paying Clients in The First 4 Weeks


    • Corporate Accountant Turned Relationship Coach
    • Massive Disadvantage Because When She Transitioned into Coaching, She Was Going Through a Divorce, Had Lost Everything and Was Left with 3 Young Kids Under 10, One of Which Had Special Needs
    • Went From Zero To $320K in 26 Months

    If You See Yourself as a Small Fish and as an Outsider, Then This is Your Next Step….

    • Step By Step 10-Module Tiny Challenge™ Course.  ($7,449 Value)
    • Passion to Profits Organic Traffic Course To Consistently Fill Your  Challenges ($2,997 Value)
    • 12 Weeks of Live Weekly Group Coaching QnA ($1,997 Value)
    • Facebook Group Support - Lifetime Access ($797 Value)
    • ​Bonus 3-Day Virtual Business Bootcamp Event Ticket ($2,997 Value)
    Item Price
    3 payments of $395


    When Does the Course Start and are replays included? 
    Yes replays are included in which you have lifetime access to the replays. The Course starts as soon as you purchase. You will get immediate access via email. Please check spam. 
    I've tried other coaching programs. What makes this different? 
    Richmond is the creator and innovator of the One on One Tiny Challenge(TM) model and there is no-one in the industry that is teaching this, nor are they allowed to as the intellectual property has been internationally trademarked. 
    I'm already in Passion to Profits. Is it Included & How is this different? 
    This is not included in Passion to Profits. In Passion to Profits, we only teach you how to fill your Tiny Challenge(TM) but we  do not teach you how to run a successful Tiny Challenge(TM). 
    Do you offer any payment plans?
    Yes we do provide an easy payment plan option of 3 payments of $395USD
    Can I put the $997 over several credit cards?
    Absolutely yes you can. We can personally set this up for you on our end. Simply send Richmond a direct message here via messenger and let him know this is what you'd like to do and we can do it for you. 
    I don't have any experience as a coach. Will this work for me?
    Absolutely. This program is specifically designed for the early stage coach without experience, without a list and without an established brand. The program is not designed for the already successful well known coach. 
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